Activities and benefits


Our activities are aimed at all companies, of any size and in any sector of activity.

We address the universal themes of the functioning of any organization:

  • Management & Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Improvement, transformation, innovation

Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Management techniques
  • Management models (EFQM, ...)
  • Management systems (of which ISO 9001-14001-45001)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development (ISO 26000, Global Report Initiative, ...)
  • Generic project management (PRINCE2, PMBoK, HERMES, ISO 21500, ...) and specific (Lean 6sigma, ...)
  • Ancillary and related resources:
  • - Risk management (ISO 31000, ...)
  • - Quality of work life (BNQ 9700-800, ...) and psychosocial risks (COPSOQ, ...)
  • - ...

All of this in a dynamic integrated approach and a holistic approach, i.e. in all dimensions from vision and strategy to results.

Benefits, services and advantages

We are organised around four areas of activity, each of which responds to a type of need or expectation identified. Schematically, it is possible to represent the activities of the areas in the following way:


Area P01 - Discovery

Here, we offer activities such as conferences, workshops, etc.

Except in exceptional cases, the activities in this area are free of charge for our members.


The Quality and Innovation Day on 04/06/2021, of which you will find the videos HERE and the content HERE

Area P02 - Knowledge and Skills

Training courses

This section includes the entire training component, which we are implementing in partnership with House of Training:

  • - The negotiated training catalogue (-20% discount for our members) : Click HERE
  • - All the trainings we carry : Click HERE


Our status as an association and as a foundation for the House of Training means that:

  • - Even for training courses without discounts, the prices remain particularly advantageous compared to other companies
  • - As we do not sell consulting services directly, we take great care with the content of our training courses, with the aim of maximising added value and profitability for our participants


Experience has shown that larger organisations often easily repay their membership with this component alone.


The platform

Our platform is another resource, launched in 2021, which provides tools (file templates, memo sheets, etc.), e-learning formats and links to external resources.

Except in exceptional cases, the elements of this platform are and will always be free for our members.


The e-learning course "IFS. ISO From Scratch" is in fact the transcript of a monthly webinar launched in 2021 on ISO 9001-14001-45001 and related elements.

Area P03 - Accompaniment

Here are tailor-made services, when the inter-company training courses in our catalogue do not cover your needs or when you require a particular field of expertise. We then call on our network and our partners to find a solution.

These interventions can be presented in different ways depending on the need.

Identification / State of play

The service consists of analysing an existing situation, drawing up an inventory or carrying out a (self-) assessment according to a defined reference framework.


  • - Assessment tool, RADAR method or EFQM lenses
  • - Review of practices
  • - Gap analysis
  • - Audit
  • - Cross-audit :
    • * Free of charge between 2 members (with audit exchanges), subject to the availability of the auditor pool
    • * OR By a partner at an advantageous price
  • - The PLQE feedback session

Solution (response to a request)

The service consists in using the expertise of the facilitator to propose a solution or a set of actions and measures consistent with the objective set.


  • - In-company training for targeted, company-specific content
  • - Implementation support (hybrid training + consulting = form-action)
  • - Recourse to an expert for a specific and/or strategic problem / project

Tailor-made creation (response to a need)

When it is not possible to build on pre-existing content or when it is necessary to create a specific approach. There may be several techniques and resources mobilised in parallel, sequentially and/or concurrently:

  • - Definition of intention, clarification of the need, objective, meaning, culture, dynamics, etc.
  • - Articulation of the approach
  • - Individual, group and organisational coaching
  • - ...

Our commitment

Our position is clear: we recommend someone you can trust, and in addition, this company will charge you an "MLQE" price, which is cheaper than direct contact.

Area P04 - Sharing and Inspiration

One of our missions is to promote quality, excellence, good practices and to highlight organisations. There are two modes of action in this area.

Best practices & feedback

Activities are organised to share feedback and good/best practices on a peer-to-peer basis of course but also cross-sectorally where relevant.

Examples :

  • - Webinars - Clubs (e.g. LEAN club, ...) highlighting each other's practices or led by a third party and free for our members
  • - Company events (Chemins de l'Excellence, e.g. ELAN Foyer), free participation for our members
  • ...

Recognition & reward

For those seeking recognition and/or new challenges, the MLQE offers to participate in the Awards.