Due to the current context, the deadline for submitting applications for the Prize has been extended to the end of August 2020.


Luxembourg Prize for Quality and Excellence

The Excellency has a name, why not yours ?

The Prize is awarded by

Ministère de l’Economie 

and organized by

Mouvement Luxembourgeois pour la Qualité et l’Excellence


  • - Accessible and adapted to organizations of all sizes and sectors of activity
  • - Reflection of a level reached
  • - Strong sign of performance recognition
  • - An important experience and a strong moment to motivate employees around a common project
  • - One measurement, one X-ray at a specific time...
  • - An outside and benevolent eye

Why participate in the prize ?


  • - Mobilization of employees
  • - One project, one team
  • - A reward for all


  • - A self-evaluation
  • - An external evaluation
  • - A detailed restitution and axes


  • - Visibility
  • - Recognition
  • - A commercial advantage

Awards | Nominations Roadmap


The Selection Committee

Board Members, Secretary General
and Expert Evaluators

  • - Validate applications
  • - Submit them to the Governing Board
    (with veto power)
  • - Define the evaluation teams

The assessors

Trained and experienced professionals

  • - Evaluate the candidate on the basis of the file and the day on site in an impartial, independent and non-judgmental manner
  • - Sign and respect the privacy and ethics charter
  • - Meeting the criteria for conflict of interest
  • - Renounce post-evaluation commercial approaches

The Process

  • - The Prize is based on a dedicated and specially designed reference system
  • - Based on the concepts of management, quality, performance and excellence
  • - The standard has been proven for more than 15 years and is perfectly integrated into a continuous improvement cycle
  • - The process includes an external, neutral and objective evaluation by professionals and experts
  • - The assessment is objective and qualitative for the organization, highlighting the strengths and areas for improvement

The keys to success

  • - Participate in the annual information session
  • - Appoint an internal pilot, define the scope (including outsourced processes)
  • - Involve all stakeholders in the development of the dossier and consolidate it in a way that ensures continuity of information in a common thread
  • - Keep in mind that the price reference system leads to an evaluation and not an audit (no notion of conformity)
  • - The assessment is of a sampling nature
  • - The spirit of synthesis and the ability to choose representative, significant and relevant elements are key factors of success for the quality of the file and the evaluation process