MLQE Prize – 2020 Edition

Put your organization and your employees in the spotlight!

Differentiate, motivate and improve

with the Luxembourg Prize for Quality and Excellence

awarded by the 
Ministère de l’Economie
and organized by the


In view of the exceptional context and in order to enable organizations to participate in the Prize under the best possible conditions, the timetable is modified as follows:

  • - Deadline for applications: end of June 2020
  • - Deadline for submission of completed applications: end of August 2020

Online, public and free information session
Monday 08 June from 09h to 10h30 (FR)

More details on the Prize :
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Why participate?

And why not?

What's stopping you?
What would happen if you participated?

Differentiate yourself

  • - Giving visibility to your organization
  • - Gaining Recognition
  • - Turning this reward into a business advantage


  • - (Re-)Mobilizing employees after a vague period of health crisis
  • - Giving back meaning, a goal around a common project carried by a team and supported by all.
  • - Obtain rewards and recognition for everyone's efforts and involvement

Improve your organization

  • - Use the self-assessment reference system to take stock of the situation, a report, a balance sheet, etc.
  • - Benefit from external evaluation by professionals who are experts in their fields
  • - Capitalize on a detailed report, highlight strengths and discover areas for improvement, the key to success.

The Philosophy

  • - Accessible and adapted to organizations of all sizes and sectors of activity
  • - Reflection of a level reached
  • - Strong sign of performance recognition
  • - An important experience and a strong moment to motivate employees around a common project
  • - One measurement, one X-ray at a specific time
  • - An outside and benevolent eye

Accessible to organizations of all sizes and industries


Winners of the last 5 years among 63 in 15 years


Don't panic :

Remain logical and be practical!


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