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PLQE 2022: an improved route

Neither situations nor people can be improved by an external factor.
If there is to be improvement, it must come from within. 

Dale Carnegie

Dear readers,

The 2022 revision of our Luxembourg Quality and Excellence Awards (PLQE) framework is complete. Or at least, we have produced its version 0, because as you know, improvement is a continuous process!

This step paves the way for applications and future 2022 laureates (see dedicated section below). This new version obviously retains the philosophy and raison d'être of the EQIPs while integrating current and future approaches, orientations and issues.

It is also a candidate pathway that has been reworked around a reference framework that sets a framework, specifies expectations and gives examples to facilitate the editing of the dossier and confirms the accessibility of the process to all kind of structures.


Then, dear members, the General Assembly awaits you on 26/04 at the Chambre des Métiers. (see dedicated section)

Finally, the activities continue, open to members and non-members, and we invite you to enjoy them without moderation: Quality and Innovation Day (JQI), ISO from Scratch, Experts' Voice, trainings, etc.

We look forward to welcoming you and to exchanging ideas!

JOIN THE MLQE to make 2022 an extraordinary year together!

Sullivan THOMAS, Secretary General


26/04 17h | General Assembly 2022

Dear Members, we would like to invite you to the ordinary General Assembly which will be held :

26 April 2022 from 5pm
Chambre des métiers
2 Circuit de La Foire Internationale , Luxembourg-Kirchberg

Call for candidacies:
Would you like to join the Board of Administrators? There are 5 mandates to renew this year!

Register for the GA 2022 and/or nominate yourself:


Discovery area

Webinars, round table, clubs, ...

19/04 10h30-12h | ISO from scratch (Cycle 2022, FR)

Animations, exchanges and sharing of experience in a benevolent environment around the 3 flagship standards ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 but also related concepts without forgetting the interactivity.

Sessions to come : 19/04 and 10/05

N.B. : The content of previous sessions is now available to present and future participants on

16/06 10h-12h | Expert's voice (FR)

Risk management in your DNA

Among the themes planned for this year, let's talk about one of the most important but also the most misunderstood: risk management.

Rather than theories, let's approach things by example and sharing of experience with our expert, Nathalie DUCHESNES, through an evocative subject:

Risk management in the DNA of your firm and projects (click to participate)

A good starting point to discuss or exchange on these subjects and always the possibility to go further with our other poles: training and accompaniment.

Conférences, tables rondes, ...

21/06 8h30-14h | Quality and Innovation Day

Development methods, design techniques and creative conditions for improvement and innovation

Relevant interventions on the topics and issues that matter to companies in a dynamic and face-to-face format!

The modalities are still to be defined and the agenda will follow, but you can already show your interest.

Knowledge and Skills area


Go2Perform, the right thing to do!

The plateform is helping more and more companies with practical and easy to implement tools.

We invite you to share this information to benefit as many people as possible!


Upcoming courses

Management systems ISO





EFQM Model 2020

Projects, risks, ...




We offer several other courses on request.

Full catalogue : CLICK HERE

Sharing and Inspiration area


03/05 10h30-12h | Webinar to present the 2022 PLQE

Do you want to highlight your know-how and that of your teams, identify your strengths, areas for improvement and work on your performance?

More than an award ceremony, the PLQE is a project and an enriching process for candidates based on a key reference framework. A real support from the self-assessment to the evaluation by an expert team, in which the candidate will be able to draw on lines of thought to face his present and future challenges.

This course is open and adapted to all sizes of organisations, whatever their form or sector of activity!
You doubt it? Take a look at who our winners are!

We communicate about the winners, not the candidates. By participating, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

To celebrate this event together, join the journey and why not become the first to be highlighted by our revised model:

- Register for the presentation session on 03/05
- OR Contact us

Student Award 2022 | Call for applications

Students also have the right to be valued for their work!

Award date: same as PLQE 2022 award evening, 23/11


23/11 | PLQE evening


You can already save the date in your agenda: 23/11.

The details will be specified later.

Want to share and learn?

One of our missions is to promote and encourage all approaches and initiatives aimed at Quality and Excellence in all its forms. During our Quality and Innovation Day (QID), we had the honour and the pleasure of discovering the testimonies of Foyer and Goodyear regarding their management models, particularly on the axis of change or employee involvement.

Circles of Good Practice, Paths to Excellence, ... there are several formats waiting for you in 2022.

Craft, industry, commerce, each activity can learn from the others and inspire them peer to peer or cross-sectorally.

If you want to highlight your company's know-how, share good practices or inspire, contact us.

Accompaniment area

Tailor-made approaches dedicated to your performance

We have several tried and tested formats and themes as well as ongoing projects to offer tailor-made approaches, the very essence of this division being to take into account your uniqueness as a company in order to co-construct your success.

Tailor-made training, advice, support for the implementation of a particular project, individual and group coaching, etc. These are all approaches that we are developing with expert partners to guarantee you: added value of the interventions, return on investment and controlled costs thanks to our network.

If you would like us to study a theme together, please contact us.


Events to come

Find the list of all our events in the events section.

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