Newsletter 09-2021

Back to school time !

Normality remains a matter of time and civilisation. Each culture tends to believe that its balance is the universal norm

Fernand Ouellette

Dear readers,

It is not by chance that I have used the same illustration as last year's newsletter at the same time. Of course, it is not without reminding us that we have experienced a context that has lasted for a significantly long period.
But the similarities end and should end here! Indeed, just as the newsletter was and the information it conveyed, this year's newsletter is different in content and form.

The hope of a return to "normality" would be nonsense, a heresy if we admit that there is now a before and after Covid. Normality remains relative and far from being a defined or universal concept.


Management and leadership must now make it possible to rediscover or even redefine the why and the for what of each company, the MEANING, that which will allow each person to adhere once again to the raison d'être, the vision and the missions of his or her organisation for greater involvement, results and performance.

Recovering attachment, value and pleasure at work is certainly one of the major challenges of the coming period and probably the opportunity to abandon concepts, prejudices and other unsuitable representations in order to perhaps start again on new and above all good foundations in this new world.

Sullivan THOMAS, Secretary General


Waiting for 2022

The first half of the year 2021 ended symbolically with the Ordinary General Assembly.

The minutes are available by CLICKING HERE

We are already working on the activities and major projects for 2022 that we will share in the coming months.

Discovery area


Journée de la Qualité et de l'Innovation 2021 ONLINE

Les vidéos des interventions ainsi que les supports sont en ligne !

Tous les détails sur notre chaîne YouTube (lien vers les supports en description) : CLIQUEZ ICI

Webinaires, tables rondes, clubs, ...

12/10 ISO from scratch (FR)

A monthly meeting that continues to attract followers.

Animations, exchanges and sharing of experience in a benevolent environment around the 3 flagship standards ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 but also related concepts without forgetting the interactivity.

N.B.: The content of previous sessions is now available to present and future participants on

Join the group: CLICK HERE

Knowledge and Skills area


New content and partnership

In the next few days, we will put online an identification file of Interested Parties (according to ISO) / Stakeholders (according to CSR), which we have developed in partnership with the INDR.

Considering that our fields of expertise overlap in several areas common to management, management models and CSR, we will produce other tools in collaboration for the benefit of organisations in Luxembourg.

Discover the catalogue: CLICK HERE


Master II - Quality Management

Do you want to complete your studies or develop your skills in Quality Management?
Discover the Master II - Quality Management in partnership with ISEC (Institut Supérieur de l'Economie).

A new session starts in October, take advantage of the last places!


Upcoming courses

Management systems ISO




EFQM model 2020

Projects, risks, ...





We offer several other courses on request.

Full catalogue : CLICK HERE

Accompaniment area

Tailor-made approaches dedicated to your performance

Tailor-made training, advice, support for the implementation of a particular project, individual and group coaching, etc. These are all approaches that we are developing with expert partners to guarantee you: added value of the interventions, return on investment and controlled costs thanks to our network.

We have several tried and tested formats and themes as well as ongoing projects to offer tailor-made approaches, the very essence of this division being to take into account your uniqueness as a company in order to co-construct your success.

If you would like us to study a theme together, please contact us

Sharing and Inspiration area


Luxembourg Quality and Excellence Awards 2021

Registration is closed!

We invite you to book your evening on 25 November 2021: CLICK HERE

Due to the health context, the modalities may be adapted or modified.

If you are interested, for 2022, or want to know more, contact us


Events to come

Find the list of all our events in the events section.

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