Newsletter 03-2021

What if you were to dream?

 The shortest way to go from one point to another is not a straight line, it is a dream

Malian proverb

Dear readers,

We all know or have at least heard of those people who have dreamed what others considered impossible. Walt Disney, Elon Musk and many others have been transcended by their vision and able to push the boundaries of what is possible far beyond the established ways of thinking.

How do you break out of the box? How do you find new solutions, new ideas, new ways to innovate? There is no one right answer to these questions and it is a challenge for both the company and the individual to be able to think outside the box, to be agile.

At the MLQE, we believe that one of the ways forward is also to be open and receptive to all sources capable of inspiring and it is with this idea that we organise our activities in order to offer you a wide range of opportunities, approaches and content.


If we provide the means, it is up to you to know how to dream to transform them into results.

Sullivan THOMAS, Secretary General

Discovery area

Webinars, clubs, ...

ISO from scratch

The "ISO from scratch" format is a series of webinars aimed at discovering and understanding the implementation of the ISO 9001-14001-45001 standards through animations, exchanges and experience sharing in a friendly round table format.

Luxembourg Prize for Quality and Excellence 2021

Find out what this prestigious award is all about, whatever your size or sector of activity, during a dedicated webinar.


Quality and Innovation Day 2021

A series of topics to be discovered around a red thread in the form of conferences and thematic workshops in webinar.

Agenda to come.

Knowledge and Skill area


New content coming in March

From March onwards, we will regularly add content to the platform


Lean / Six sigma training courses in the catalogue

Since the beginning of the month, our catalogue has been expanded with the addition of Lean / Six sigma courses.

Reminder: several courses are subject to negotiated rates for our members.


EFQM model - one cycle ends, another begins

The training cycle on the EFQM 2020 model (Foundation, Organisational Change Leader, Assessor) launched in 2020 ended a few days ago and was a great success.

If you find that your system is running out of steam or if you want to give your strategy a new impetus, we invite you to discover this internationally recognised management model. Become a remarkable company yourself.

Consult our training catalogue on the subject (in partnership with the House of Training).

Upcoming courses

Accompaniment area

In 2021, the MLQE launched a accompaniment area to meet the expectations and needs of our members, but also of a wider audience that regularly requests our services. The missions are based on 3 main approaches:

- Analyse / take stock: the company wishes to take stock of the situation, assess the situation, formulate a problem
- Provide a solution: the company formulates a precise request and we provide the corresponding solution
- Co-create: the company formulates a need without knowing how to meet it and seeks a partner capable of meeting it

To do this, the MLQE has the skills and resources, in particular thanks to its network, to offer high added value courses and curricula that combine the various types of action (training, advice, support, coaching, etc.).

Several programmes have already been launched since the beginning of the year.

If you would like us to work together on a particular theme, please contact us.

Sharing and Inspiration area

Luxembourg Prize for Quality and Excellence 2021

If the 2020 edition could not be held due to the health context, the 2021 edition will be held and the modalities will be adapted to the circumstances.

As every year, we are looking for candidates and sponsors to support the event. If you are interested, please contact us.

Student Award 2021

In addition to the Luxembourg Quality and Excellence Awards, we organise the Student Award, which rewards the best work done by students during their studies in the field of Management, Quality, Safety, Environment, CSR, Project Management or any other field that allows a company to improve.

As every year, we are looking for candidates and sponsors to support the event. If you are interested, please contact us.


Upcoming events

Find the list of all our events in the events section.

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