Newsletter 09-2020

Time to go back to school?

The future is the past in preparation

Pierre DAC

Dear readers,

At the last Newsletter and before the holiday period, we were all looking forward to a return to normal. What about the time of the new school year?
The health crisis continues, and preventive measures are being extended and sometimes reinforced ...


So here we are! This famous and long-awaited September, like a messiah, announcing the end of the crisis, the resumption of activities and for some, the possibility of catching up. What is it really about? We must admit that we must, if it is not already done, integrate this situation as the context of our respective organizations for the coming period.
The major question that must crystallize the actions is: how to deal with it?

The MLQE 2020-2022

It is with this state of mind that the MLQE adapts and envisages its future activities:
Focusing the interest of our actions on added value
that they will have for our members, our network and the public at home:

  • - Qualitative and quantitative aspect of the tools proposed, of the documents produced,
  • - Effective use of the elements by employees,
  • - Saving or additional resources (human, material, organisational) in terms of costs (outsourcing, discount,...) and/or time,
  • - Growth, maturity or performance achieved (higher level or faster),
  • - Etc.

This context is conducive to a new blossoming of the MLQE to embody more than ever our role as a national performance actor to accompany and serve organisations.
This is what we will be working on in the coming months to be at your side in the years to come.

To be followed via our website and our networks!


New members on the Board of Directors

To carry out these projects, the MLQE Board of Directors is being renewed. Statutory elections were held at the General Assembly on 02 July 2020. Some directors were renewed in their functions, others joined the Board for the first time.


Gérant – Directeur Général TRALUX
Administrateur depuis 2014 et Vice-Président


M. HALL Andrew
Chief Quality Officer FOYER
Luxembourg Gold Quality Prize 2018


Mme RIODA Florence
Assistant manager KPMG
Evaluatrice pour le MLQE


Chargé de Direction CROIX-ROUGE LUX.
Administrateur depuis 2013, Evaluateur


Team Leader Compliance and Quality Unit
Evaluatrice pour le MLQE


Mme VALET Blandine
Responsable Qualité
Evaluatrice pour le MLQE

The entire Board of Directors by clicking here.

A guideline consistent with the situation

Luxembourg Prize for Quality and Excellence 2020

For more than 15 years, it has been a flagship event on the Luxembourg square, particularly with the gala evening that symbolises it: 200 guests, personalities, the award ceremony itself and a time for networking during the traditional cocktail party.
However, this year, considering the current health context, many events are staggered over time, the organisational arrangements are complex, sometimes even impossible, and there are also difficulties for some of the participating candidates to continue the process.
Under these conditions, the Board of Directors, which met on 10 September 2020, considered that we would not be able to give the visibility, recognition and aura promised to the prize-winning candidates at this edition and decided to postpone the Luxembourg Prize for Quality and Excellence until 2021.
Aware of the work done at this stage by the candidates who have submitted their files, we have proposed alternatives and found ways to enhance the value of the efforts made.
We sincerely and deeply regret this state of affairs, linked to the health context we are all currently experiencing, which led us to take these decisions, but we are doing everything in our power to ensure the recognition and benefits to which the participants in the Luxembourg Prize for Quality and Excellence awarded by the Ministry of the Economy and organised by the MLQE are entitled.

Student Price and Quality Day

Of course, for the same reasons,
The Student Price and Quality Day are also postponed to 2021.


Our activities

Our events, training courses and other news on our website.

Dedicated EFQM® training cycle

New dates for the course

Due to the success of the first sessions, the MLQE, in partnership with the House of Training and Bbest, offers you new dates to follow the complete cycle or one of the certification sessions (French language) :



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