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Multi-speed restart?

"Hard work overcomes all obstacles"

Greek saying

Dear readers,

In recent weeks, the context has changed significantly. Preventive and protective measures are adapting, work organisation is undergoing a metamorphosis: continuation of teleworking and its integration as a fully-fledged mode of operation, significant return of employees to the workplace, etc.


Isn't this the best time to take stock of this period? To learn from what has worked well and what needs to be improved? It is important and even essential in this transitional period to distinguish between speed and haste. What are your priorities? How will you manage them? With what means and resources? These are common questions for many organizations.
Aware of all these issues, the MLQE is also adapting its 2020 roadmap and working on the future. June 2020 is a pivotal month for all organisations, a time for questioning, restarting, renewal and innovation, the keys to success and sustainability.


General Assembly 2020

02 July2020
from 6pm in online format

Participation and Application as a board member:
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Agenda :

  • - Welcome Address by Caroline HINDAHL-RIOS, President of the MLQE
  • - Review of activities 2019
  • - Presentation of the balance sheet and financial accounts
  • - Auditor's report and discharge
  • - Discharge of the MLQE Directors
  • - Statutory elections :
    • - Outgoing directors :
      F. Becherel, L. Becker, Y. Collet, P. Gros, S. Zerwes
    • - Presentation of candidates
    • - Presentation of the organisation of the votes
  • - Election of the auditor and directors
  • - Miscellaneous items and exchanges, as appropriate
  • - Closing


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Don't panic :

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