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Our network is made up of organisations of all sizes and from all sectors of activity, which makes it one of the richest and most diverse networks in the country, constantly evolving in terms of both quality and quantity.

We have just over 200 active and growing members.

Through our activities and services, which are accessible to all, hundreds of people and companies each year obtain answers to their questions and solutions to their needs and expectations through workshops, conferences, training, tools and tailor-made advice.

Do as they do! Join the MLQE and join us!

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Every company or institution has an organisation and activities: the themes of management, project management, strategy, innovation or change and transformation are all universal topics that constitute the very essence of our association's missions.

Private or public sector, small or large entity, from trade, craft, industry, ... ? It doesn't matter!

Our association is open to all and provides services adapted to each one.

You will benefit from our services and activities that contribute to the success of your company and your teams

You will be provided with content (articles, fact sheets, tools, etc.) that will help you in your daily continuous improvement process

You will benefit from activities designed and developed with a view to adding value to your company and your teams

You will discover new developments and trends, best practices, etc. which will feed your thoughts in terms of management, project management, change, transformation and innovation

You will join one of the richest and most diversified networks in Luxembourg where small and large entities from all sectors of activity meet and exchange

Listening, guidance & solutions

It all starts with a contact, a request, a need

Unique network

Peer-to-peer practice exchange, inspiration, sharing, resources and expertise

Discounts & more

Free activities and content, discounts on training and partner services, etc.

Exclusive access to the platform, free content, etc.

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Businesses and institutions

CategoryEmployee(s)Fee (€)

Consultancy firms

CategoryEmployee(s)Fee (€)


CategoryDetailsFee (€)
PIndividuals: pensioners, unemployed, retraining, etc.100
EStudents (proof to be provided)20


  • - Membership is valid for 1 year (reference calendar year)
  • - A membership is tacitly renewed for an indefinite period if it has not been terminated by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt 3 months before the anniversary date (date of last bill)

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